CALGROUP Engineering would seek to be appointed at the earliest possible opportunity so as to engage with all parties involved in project execution including the client, architects, design consultants and building contractor.

Through a series of design development exercises, we would seek to add maximum technical and commercial value to the intended construction methodologies. We would review design philosophy, services layout and plant specification as part of this process.

Drawing Production & Co Ordination

As part of the design management process, we focus very much on design development, working details and interfaces between the structure, finishes, services and any specialist systems so as to prevent ‘grey’ areas which can lead to delay during the construction process if not identified during design development.

We will also ensure effective control of the services by establishing drawing and information production schedules incorporating all necessary information, in particular the production of installation and commissioning programmes, equipment procurement schedules and installation drawings. We will undertake continuous drawing reviews with the client, design team and main contractor so as to evaluate co-ordination issues, special requirements and establish systems’ maintainability after completion.

A dedicated services co-ordinator will be responsible for the management, coordination and control of all services related activity on site whilst interfacing very closely with the main contractor.

We will work very closely with all parties to ensure that requirements in respect of routing, access etc are incorporated into the approved coordinated drawings.

We will incorporate all design team comments onto CALGROUP coordinated drawings prior to sign-off.

Planning & Progress Reporting

CALGROUP will be actively involved in developing the master ‘build’ programme through liaison with all relevant parties. We typically receive the builders work programme and generate a coordinated services programme incorporating critical milestone dates. We then submit our programme for incorporation within the master ‘build’ programme.


Procurement forms an integral part of overall project execution with procurement personnel directly involved at initial project handover stage and separate procurement schedules developed so as to identify and establish critical milestone dates for deliverables. Specific emphasis is placed on the procurement of long lead items, first fix items and finishes items.

Project Handover

Test Packs – Prior to commencing commissioning we will prepare detailed pre-commissioning test packs on a system by system basis so as to demonstrate that all items / plant associated with each system has been checked and pre-commissioned.

Training/Handover – Our contract responsibilities will include for an adequate level of training for the personnel operating and maintaining the systems post opening. By liaising with the Facilities Management Team, we will formulate an appropriate training schedule for the specific staff involved. This training will be commenced at least one month prior to completion of the project or earlier if the Management/Facilities Management Team require, providing systems are available.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals – Operation and maintenance manuals will be produced in line with the specified system to cover the scope of work installed on the project and will include details from all specialist manufacturers and suppliers where identified and all requisite requirements of the project contract. We will procure, manage and monitor the receipt of all O & M documentation from vendors to ensure its completeness and availability to incorporate within ‘master’ documentation by the due date required. All manuals will be formatted to ensure they are produced in accordance with the end user requirements.


For us customer aftercare is an important part of all projects. As part of our commitment we will revisit the project and carry out further customer training to ensure that all the building services systems that we have installed are operating correctly and that any initial bedding in problems are dealt with. Depending on the size and nature of the contract we may carry out quarterly visits for up to one year after initial handover.

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